by Lauris Vidal

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A taste of the new album- release date this WINTER


last chances backward glances

last chances backward glances
a lover and her dead man dance
a reel down the road

a feral pant, a hallowed chant
a lover and her dead man's laughs
peel down the road

the wayward man sailed the ocean
landfell and found his fortune
was death itself
so he took to masonry
piled his stones down by the sea
a broken backed monument of his ghost
wanderlust is cancerous
the skeletons of men like us
Shake like leaves for the never-ending road


Hell hound haggard man
Plowed with calloused hands
Reaped, sowed found his fortune
Was death itself
he took to prophecy
Nailed it to everyone he’d see
Built himself a cathedral with their ghosts
Zealots bigots, the battered hearts of men like us
Ache eternally for the road


I am a prisoner here I found my prison here
I am a prisoneer for the road x3


released July 28, 2012
LAURIS VIDAL most instruments and engineering
DANIEL BLACK snare drum, percussion, electric guitar, mixing wizardry & arranging



all rights reserved


Lauris Vidal Florida

Lauris has invented his own signature brand of “kitchen sink beat blues”.

Lauris Vidal isn’t just a musician or show, he’s a relational and aural experience described by as “getting a hug from Tom Waits if you were bump to into him at a Paul Simon concert”. ... more


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